CHRISTIAN + SILVIA by Ricardo Quintana

Christian y Silvia (los pichinguitos)  en mi BLOG finalmente. Para los que conocemos su historia, es una felicidad de que este dia finalmente ha llegado. Muchas felicidades y mis mejores deseos.

Para sus fotos de compromiso, ellos querian una onda mas moderna y encontramos el edificio perfecto, "The Natural History Museum" en Salt Lake.

Canción sugerida "Longing To belong"  by Eddie Vedder. 

THAD + AREN by Ricardo Quintana

Thaddeus Maximus and Aren Muse one looks like a Roman Emperor and the other is like a Greek Hero.  This amazing couple was a dream to shoot with, plus they went with all my crazy ideas.  We spent a whole afternoon starting in Salt Lake downtown and, later we landed on the fabulous Little Sahara.

The day, the outfits, the locations and the emotions. It all came together and I'm so happy to have met this loving couple and get to know their beautiful story.

For some reason I just think of this song while I was taking pics in little Sahara, is in spanish ha! So I'm not sure if they are going to understand it but it is my song suggested for this shoot.

Suggested song "Tuyo" by Rodrigo Amarante.

UPDATE:  I had the honor to have this shoot published on Junebug Wedding and Yahoo Life Style