Ballet Love Story - White, Blue and Red. / by Ricardo Quintana

I've been meaning to do a shoot with ballet dancers for a long time, finally got to do this thanks to Instagram.  The sun was hitting really hard and for a couple of minutes I felt a bit out of my comfort zone trying to get something great with that hard light. Got to say that Madeleine and Kyle did an spectacular job capturing the things that I asked them throughout the whole shoot.

Part I ( White)

"I like for you to be still: it is as though you were absent,
and you hear me from far away and my voice does not touch you.
It seems as though your eyes had flown away
and it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth.

As all things are filled with my soul
you emerge from the things, filled with my soul.
You are like my soul, a butterfly of dream,
and you are like the word Melancholy..."

Part II (Blue)

"I like for you to be still
And you seem far away
It sounds as though you are lamenting
A butterfly cooing like a dove
And you hear me from far away
And my voice does not reach you..."

Part III (Red)

"Let me come to be still in your silence
And let me talk to you with your silence
That is bright as a lamp
Simple, as a ring
You are like the night
With its stillness and constellations
Your silence is that of a star
As remote and candid..." -  Pablo Neruda.