Amandil Family / by Ricardo Quintana

Cote was one of the first friendly faces I met here in Utah. His love for Chile connected with me because... well, I'm from Chile, ha. Then, I met Pri and, we just got along really well for all the things we have in common. Since then we have been friends. Their wedding was one of the best weddings I've attended to, and now they have this amazing kid named Hiro.  I was so nervous and excited for this shoot! Both are pretty artsy and I guess not seeing them in almost a year was like a such a mixed of emotions, of course didn't want to disappoint. I love these guys, they are a beautiful honest family. I enjoyed working with them, the whole shoot was a culinary adventure (my favorite kind of adventure) starting in the Publik Coffee and then finishing in a French little restaurant. Candid pictures and some awesome portraits are my favorite things and, I was so happy that they gave me the freedom to capture those intimate family moments.